Because our yogurt won the award of best frozen yogurt 2014 in Chicago Fair, we decide provide our italian style frozen yogurt to the public in convenience stores, markets and supermarkets. Now you as retailer can sale our yogurt. Our Yogurt comes in two presentations, 16 oz cylinder clear plastic container and 30 oz rectangular clear plastic container, which permit to the public see the quality of the product inside. Our product flavor is definitely different and better tasting than the greek yogurt that is commonly found in stores, for this reason when the people taste it, we do not have any doubt that they will buy it always. Italian Style Yogurt is a guarantee of that. Same flavor of Gelato Italiano but "Yogurt", low fat, low calories, low sugar and probiotics. The world Ice Cream market is moving towards Yogurt, because it's healthier. So, what are you waiting for?, start now to sell the best Yogurt in USA in your store.



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