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Answers to frequently asked questions:


How much money do I need to install a Yogurt4You parlor?

Depends on the number of machines, size of the space and other related factors. The investment can be between $ 134,999.99 and 349,999.99.


Should I have some money for the initial operation of a Yogurt4You parlor?

Definitely Yes

They must have money for the initial inventory, payroll, rent, utilities consumption (electricity, telephone, water) and local marketing, to address the operation of the business by at least six months. This amount depends on the total investment, i.e.,  size of the parlor; can range between $ 29,999.99 and $ 119,999.99 approx.


What are the Fees of Yogurt4You franchise?

 The initial franchise fee is $ 24,999.99.

There are two monthly Fees which are:

1 – Royalty Fee 6% of gross sales after taxes, 2 – Marketing Fee 2% gross sales after tax.

Yogurt4You grant a 50% discount on these fees the first year of operations, as a stimulus to new franchisee in US.


Should I buy the products and supplies to Yogurt4You?

Approximately 95% of the ingredients of our products must be purchased to Yogurft4You. A small part must be purchased to authorized dealers Yogurt4You.


Can Yogurt4You establish franchises outside the United States?

Yes, we have open areas to anywhere in the world.



Can  Yogurt4You be used to obtain some type of immigration status in USA?

Although each case is unique and independent, Yogurt4You do qualify to obtain some kind of status. The immigration law offices skilled in the art will explain after studying the case, the possibility of obtaining some inmigration status. Yogurt4You do not guarantee any inmigration status.


How long does it take to open a new Yogurt4You parlor?

The estimated time is between 14 and 16 weeks after signing the contract of the commercial space  and have obtained the appropriate permissions.


What training should i take to operate a Yogurt4You parlor?

The concept of business Yogurt4You is quite simple, just enough to have the relevant training and obtain a license to operate under the guidance and support of our staff.


How is the process for signing a franchise agreement Yogurt4You?

The applicant makes a request to Yogurt4You. After signing a non-disclosure agreement and the department of research and development of new businesses has studied the application of the person concerned, he will receive the documentation required by government agencies, which are basically the franchise and business plan, the which should be studied by the individual and within no more than 14 days must be signed, in case you decide to do.


Yogurt4You advises on local search for new parlor?

Yes, we have specialists who will be responsible for commercial space search in the best locations, where business success be more likely. Our commitment to the franchisee, is to help you succeed from the beginning of the operation.


After obtaining local, what should I do to open my Yogurt4You parlor?

 Yogurt4You advise the franchisee from the start, with a plan for disbursement of construction costs using our architecture and permits department, and individual contractors for the execution of construction. Yogurt4You will request funds for payments as the work unfolds, orders of manufacturing equipment and parlor furnishings.

Process to obtain a franchise Yogurt4You:

Send Request.

Review of the application.


Pre Approved.

Signing of Disclosure Document.

Signing of Franchise Agreement.


Grand Opening of Yogurt4You parlor.


Thank you for your interest in joining to the group Yourt4You.



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