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It's a Pleasure and a honor that you visit our website. Now with a new award as best Frozen Yogurt and Franchise Business System 2018, We would like to show you why we won the award of best frozen yogurt 2014 of United States and why we won the Gold Emerald Award 2015 as small business of  the year, so we encourage you to visit our locations and be a witness by tasting our products. Now you can get the best italian style yogurt in convenience stores, markets and supermarkets in two european presentations, 16 oz cylinder or 30 oz rectangular clear containers. This way you can enjoy comfortably at home, the original flavor that Yogurt4You have in our parlors.

20181101 Y4U Doral Award 2018 J.jpg

Now you can use UBERT EATS to get the best frozen yogurt directly to your home or office in our location in Brickell. 

Y4U Uber Eats.jpg


Low Cost

Business Opportunity

Welcome to our new parlor in the lobby of Four Ambassador Brickell. We are very proud of the success on this location. Congratulations to our new franchisee.

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